Designing your  Splunk® + ML/AI
Big Data Solution

A business that prospers in today's accelerated change environment is one that excels at quickly identifying and leveraging actionable insights and opportunities from their machine and customer data by combining business experience with creative thinking and the best ML/AI technology to create an unstoppable force.

These are the building blocks for creating a modern data insights solution featuring Splunk as a data repository and analytics platform:

  • Architect and implement a scalable, reliable Splunk Enterprise solution
  • Fund, staff, train, automate, and integrate the administration of your Splunk deployment
  • Get ALL of your business critical data identified, organized, and into Splunk
  • Build line of business apps, reports, dashboards & alerts

At this point you can efficiently monitor and troubleshoot your IT infrastructure and applications, but many businesses stall at this point and miss out on capturing the vast advantages of the next two steps:

  • Leverage ML/AI algorithms to correlate and mine your data for key insights and opportunities
  • Develop Systems of Intelligence integrations & visualizations

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Lets Do This

Machine Data Insights is focused on designing and implementing ML/AI solutions for extracting actionable insights from machine data using Splunk as a data collection and analytics platform. These solutions are crafted from proven ML/AI algorithms and customized for the target environment to provide immediate and long-term advantages that can be leveraged by your business regardless of size or industry.

Lets Do It Right

MDI can help accelerate and ensure your ability to capitalize on the rich data reserves at your company by providing progressive guidance, assistance, and ready-made solutions in these key areas:

Splunk Architecture

Certified, experienced, proven architecture and implementation solutions for a solid Big Data foundation built on the powerful and versitile Splunk Enterprise platform for both on-premise and cloud environments.
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Administration Automation

Machine Data Insights' exclusive Automated Splunk Admin Portal (ASAP) orchestrates and automates many Splunk administrative tasks, improving consistency and reliability, reducing errors, delays, and freeing admin headcount that could be focused on accomplishing higher ROI activities.   Learn More

Getting Data Into Splunk

Business critical data from machine logs, network and security devices, sensors, and other data sources are identified and ingested. Data is standardized with key fields, metrics, and KPIs identified to prepare the way for reporting, dashboards, and real-time and predictive analytics.

Apps - Reports - Dashboards & Alerts

Your initial return on a Splunk investment comes from building apps, reports, and dashboards that provide visibility into IT resource and process health, alerts for critical status changes, and powerful search commands for efficient troubleshooting.

Systems of Intelligence Solutions

Splunk premium apps and customized ML/AI solutions are implemented that leverage the best data pipelines and algorithms to build an efficient data analytics platform for creating insightful summarizations.

Value Driven Data Pipelines

Develop value-driven data pipelines from across the Enterprise to leverage timely, predictive insights and opportunities that support tactical and strategic business initiatives and drive efficiency and profitability higher.

When you're ready to start... Machine Data Insights   can help make your Splunk + ML/AI project a success

When you're blazing a trail into new territory, seasoned guidance can help you avoid wasting time, money, and opportunities